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Seems like size factor catches girl’s attention the first.

Due to bigger males, finds Male’s size factor difficult to overcome to get girl’s attention. However, there is a way to compensate the issue – luck of bond with woman. But at first, look what others say about big males.

Along reasons: “What REALLY makes a woman want to sleep with a man?” Cindy Meston and David Buss mention size matter as the most important factor. (

With in the following video Tomo News US explains penis and body size relationships.

In conclusion, as video’s girl says, penis size matters only for big males. Thus, if you are small, no woman wants to know the size of your penis.

While woman’s attention lucks, male’s STRESS strives.

It might be, that stress is the main reason for anxiety, diabetes and difficulty to loss weight. Therefore are looking for ways to compensate size factor in the eyes of woman.

Maj Wismann – a beautifull woman writing at In one of her articles, Maj points out that stress affects sex drive. In our suspicion, sex drive is a list of qualities a male has to get woman into the bed. If so, size matter is the first to make love.

What is the second factor to create instant bond with a girl?

Stress management consultant Vatche Bartekian from claims towards energy level. As all the society he believes exercise and a healthy diet would help. But it doesn’t, alone it doesn’t lead to being loved by a woman. And not just by a woman, but a sexy girl. To tell the truth, we have some additions to just exercise and eat right. The combination of physical activity, diet, sleep and social tips to gain higher energy level than big males ever have. Along the way some side effects appears. As the first one, muscle mass increases, anxiety calms down and blood sugar level takes normal range. Looking forward, symptoms of type two diabetes may disappear without any medication. Smoothly going it goes towards a sexy girl at your side.