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Stress prevents to restore body’s energy reserve. (With energy reserve here is meant the glycogen reserve in liver and muscles.) Low energy reserve enforces stress reaction and leads to cognitive tunneling.

Things to keep in mind

  1. Focus on People and Environment around you to manage stress.
  2. Focus on Yourself to restore body energy reserve.

Over all

Look for social acceptance.  Most of the Stress is caused by disdainful attitude of people around you, especially the closest ones. Someone might insult, criticize, admonish, complain or ignore you. And they would dare to do that if you’ll not look big, balanced and powerful enough. Enough means more than the abuser. People expose disdainful attitude (contempt, disdain, scorn) to force others into humility. Just because this makes them feel better. When the victim obeys it, attacker might follow up with mercy and tolerance. From this perspective mother Theresa is a real beast. 🙂 Monitor constantly for respectful attitude from others. Good looking, high energy would prevent from being abused in this stressful way.

Remember to breath as this would use body’s fat for energy instead of precious glycogen. You need it to cover intense load of brain and anaerobic work of muscle.


Mange stress: Make other males stressed about things you care. Call them, write them, meet them. Ask what you want.

Manage energy: Eat the first meal after some job is done, physical exercising – cold bath – running is accomplished. After meal take warm bath and a nap for 0.5 hour or more.


Eat carbohydrates separate from protein. If mixed, it would lead to higher blood glucose level. Protein would increase insulin resistance, thus glucose will not get into cells to create glycogen. For example 2 day carbohydrates, one day protein.

Eat everything with fat – lard, butter, coconut oil.

After long exhausting activities eat carbohydrates first, protein next day.

After sprint activities eat protein and relax for couple of hours.


Take warm bath before sleep, no matter what a clock it is. Take it.


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